New Generation Seals
– exact opening defined by the seal construction
– easy to install, installing tool is a part of the seal itself
– pulling tabs integrated
– metalized conductive surface to reduce toner attraction
– pulls easily
– extra strong

Seal for HP Color LJ CP5225 laser printer cartridge

For: HP CLJ CP5221 HP CLJ CP5221dn HP CLJ CP5221n HP CLJ CP5223 HP CLJ CM5223dn HP CLJ CM5223n HP CLJ CM5225 HP CLJ CM5225dn HP CLJ CM5225n HP CLJ CM5227 HP CLJ CM5227dn HP CLJ CM52273n OEM Cartridge P/N: CE740A CE741A CE742A CE743A ORDER CODE NGS5225 Packaging: 50 pcs

Seal for HP LJ P4200 laser printer cartridge

For:  HP LJ P4200HP LJ P4200 N, DTN, TN, DTNSL HP LJ P4240 N HP LJ P4250 HP LJ P4250 N, DTN, TN, DTNSL HP LJ P4300 HP LJ P4300 DTN HP LJ P4300 N HP LJ P4300 TN HP LJ P4300 N, DTN, TN, DTNSL HP LJ P4345 HP LJ P4350 HP LJ P4350 N, DTN, TN, DTNSL OEM…

Seal for HP Color LJ 3600 laser printer cartridge

For:  HP CP3600 N HP CP3600 DN HP CP3800 HP CP3800 N HP CP3800 DN HP CP3800 DTN HP CP3505 N HP CP3505 DN HP CP3505 X HP CP3525 HP CP3525 N HP CP3525 DN HP CP3525 X OEM Cartridge P/N: Q6470A Q6471A Q6472A Q6473A CE250A CE251A CE252A CE253A ORDER CODE NGS3600 Packaging: 50 pcs